In high school my aptitude test said I would grow up and become a musician or a carpenter. Well I became a musician and a carpenter. Now if I could only grow up!

In 1991 I was on the road with blues legend Eddie Kirkland when that gig suddenly fell apart. Broke and with no work in sight, I went to Wellfleet, Cape Cod where I had a lot of friends. I got a job with a builder friend of mine and one thing led to another. After years of building homes, restoring antique homes, some timber framing, and owning a cabinet shop, I'm back making art.

The inherent beauty of wood is so inspiring to me. Not just the wood itself, but the trees and how and where they grow. They are serene and majestic friends with an awe inspiring beauty and energy. As my good friend would say,
"And we try to make art".

It is with this reverence, respect and attitude that I try to create with wood. Always with the underlying memory of it's previous magical life and a fortitude to pay my homage through it's beauty with my craft.

In my process I use traditional joinery to enhance a contemporary look. There is only limited use of mechanical fasteners and modern techniques where required to accommodate for the never ending movement of the forever living quality of wood. I only use natural oils, wax and occasionally shellac for finishing to minimize environmental compromise, and try to use reclaimed wood, already downed, or trees downed by local tree service companies, and sustainably grown trees for my work.

In the end, I wish to have finished pieces that are environmentally friendly, useful, pleasing to the eye, and respectful to the beautiful beings from which they were created.

Peace to all.

J. Curtis Prince


 The Artist





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